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About urbn. 

“[Creativity] is about finding your own unique way of fitting into the continually repeating human experience.” - Questlove, 'Creative Quest'

With every project we take on, we try to dig and find it's unique fingerprint. 
The one thing that makes this stand out from the rest and then we build the story from there. 

We're a community or creative thinkers that seek-the-thrill of doing something for the first time.  
There's no cookie cutter solution to tell the stories and projects we take on and end-to-end we're on the hunt to the right way to see any project take life.
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Having studied architecture and the urban fabric for more than a decade, I was always drawn to the moment that happened between the walls. In-between spaces. People, stories and interactions, all energies that couldn't be anticipated or designed. As soon as the architect's pen left the paper that's when the magic began. From the passings of strangers crossing crosswalks, the the brief interactions in elevators, my passions lie within this small moments of exhange that I believe light up a city. So no matter whether its a larger life event or a simple conversation at a coffee shop, these are the stories that have always held my interest. Now I get to capture them, curate and elevate them.

Chris Capozzi
founder + CEO

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