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urbn love 

From DJing to content creation, event production to capturing some of those magical moments, here's the humans and brands we've worked with and what they've had to say.

TEL: 978-473-1687 

We were so impressed with our experience with urbn. Their creativity is unparalleled and the end result just kept getting better and better. We had 100% satisfied clients, and we've recommended them to all of our partners.

Eli, Daybreaker

One of our wedding guests is a current Olympian and she said this was one of the best weddings she's been to because of the vibe and music!  How's that for a recommendation!

Nikki Maier, Bride

The more we started working with urbn, the more we realized they are involved in everything and can basically do anything.  We've tried to give them challenges and they always come through!

Drew, MoveStudios

What can't these guys do?

Josh, Red Bull

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